A Little Knowledge is Useful When Choosing a Bathroom Mirror


No bathroom is complete without at least one mirror to accessorise the vanity unit or units and provide a useful tool for the occupiers to make themselves presentable to the world. Clever placement of bathroom mirrors can also create the illusion of space by reflecting light around small spaces and influence the décor by the style and design.

Making a Mirror

Choosing […]

Is Your Bedroom Wardrobe A Shambles?

In every well-kept home there is usually one storage space that is not as well organised as the rest of the dwelling. Often, that space is the bedroom wardrobe. After all, who else is going to see it but you?

Start with a Plan

Eventually, though, the mess becomes so bad that you can’t find anything, and that’s the time to tidy […]

The One Item That Transforms A Bathroom

The bathroom in the average dwelling was once a basic room, clean and functional, but not a place where a householder would spend scarce funds trying to impress visitors with the decor. However, forward to the present day, where the previously humble bathroom has been elevated to a private sanctuary for the occupiers and, at the same time, a public […]

Keep Your Mirrors Looking Beautiful And Scratch Free

There is nothing quite like a well-placed mirror to bring light, depth and lustre to a room. When the space involved is relatively small, such as a bathroom, mirrors make the room look bigger than it is, so when you find the right one, you will want to keep it in pristine condition once it has been installed.

Scratches and Cracks […]

Stuck For A Mirror Placement? We May Have The Solution

If you are designing a bathroom for a new home or have just completed a renovation, the final touch to creating a beautiful, functional space is the mirror. It may seem like […]

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Have you just started a bathroom renovation or are you building a new home and want your bathroom to look chic with up-to-the-minute styling? Either way, you have probably spent hours looking at display bathrooms, getting colour chart samples, example floor plans and brochures to help you design your perfect bathroom.

It Is Decision Time

You now have many important decisions to […]

Easy Ways To Keep Your Shower Screens Sparkling

Kitchens and bathrooms are the hardest working rooms in the house, which makes sense when you consider that both are subjected to moisture, heat and steam every day. Bathroom showers, especially, can be used multiple times both day and night. This high traffic means that keeping the shower clean and free of soap scum is one of the least favoured […]

7 Reasons Your Water Bill Suddenly Increased

Water usage is a major concern for homeowners and tenants as the costs make up a significant chunk of a household’s monthly financial obligations. Finding out that your water bill suddenly went up is upsetting not only because of the monetary implications but also because of the knowledge that you are contributing to water wastage.

When your monthly water bill is […]

A Wardrobe By Any Other Name

To say that modern technology has transformed both the way we work and the way we live is an obvious understatement. It seems that not a week goes by without news of some new product, research finding, computer program or other invention that further expands the boundaries of human achievement. Many households now own multiple electronic devices such as gaming […]

Got A Blank Space On A Wall? Think Mirrors

Whether you are a homeowner or a renter, most of us do our best to create a relaxing and refreshing environment around us for ourselves and our family to enjoy. The current trend is to have a couple of practical furniture items in each living space, then dress them up with pieces like occasional tables, single chairs and accessories. These […]