Design Tricks No Ssubstitute For Genuine Space

If, like many other homeowners, you don’t have the space or budget for one of those massive, impeccably styled bathrooms with invisible shower screens, glittering tiled surfaces and breath-taking fixtures and fittings, do not despair. There is a lot that can be done with commonly supplied shower screens to make your new bathroom a style statement of beauty and space.

Practical […]

Shower Glass Needs Regular Attention to Keep Looking Good

There is something very satisfying about standing in the doorway of your bathroom after having a new glass shower installed. The smooth, clean lines give the room an elegant vibe and the pristine shower glass sparkles. If only it could always look this good.

Well, it can with a little knowledge and some clever cleaning methods. For example, hard water that […]

Simple Clean Lines in the Bathroom Make Cleaning Easy

Household cleaning is not usually a favourite pastime, but most of us realise it is necessary to maintain a somewhat regular cleaning regime. With time at a premium in our busy lives, we can make cleaning easier by decluttering our dwellings, and when we are renovating or building a new home, incorporating easy-clean principles into our designs.

Forget Paint and Wallpaper

A […]

Various Tricks With Paint and Mirrors

If you are building a new home or planning a bathroom renovation in your current premises, you are most likely visiting bathroom displays and searching the internet for interior design options. Just keep in mind the dimensions of your bathroom and make sure the décor is size appropriate.

Use the Wall Space

Many bathroom spaces are small but clever tricks with light, […]

Accident Prevention During Showering for Seniors

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare released statistics early this year showing that 125,000 over 65s were seriously injured in falls in the preceding two years, many of which occurred in the bathroom. Often, an elderly person who has a bad fall will break bones or at the very least suffer major bruising. In either event, it can mean […]

A New Shower Will Update the Entire Bathroom


Most people would agree that the bathroom is one of the most used spaces in any dwelling, as well as being the one that is most often taken for granted. It is a major wet area, prone to mould and mildew, and assaulted by water, steam, grime, toothpaste, soap scum, various shampoos, and other personal treatment products.

Cost Effective Bathroom Face […]

Shower Design Improvements: The Devil is in the Detail

Because the bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in the average dwelling, householders often underestimate what is involved when they decide to renovate. They choose the new bathtub, vanity basin, tiles and fixtures, and expect to put them all together and it’s finished. It sounds simple but getting a bathroom with effortless functionality that is still visually stunning is […]

Bathroom Renovations Sometimes Require Hard Decisions

Every bathroom renovation is an opportunity to not only get a new bathroom but also to correct any design issues in the original. Modern homeowners have high expectations, but often the desired result is not possible because of the cost and the more difficult to solve issue with regard to lack of space.

Making Difficult Choices

Functionality was more important than aesthetics […]

Tricks to Increase Storage Capacity in Small Bathrooms

Regardless of how luxurious or humble our dwellings are, most of us would like more storage space for all our bits and pieces. It seems that despite our efforts to de-clutter, there are still places in our homes where there is never enough storage, especially in the kitchens and bathrooms.

Ways to Transform Unused Space

When the space is small, as in […]

Short of Cash? No Problem With These Renovation Suggestions

In this extraordinary year of natural disasters and a global health pandemic, you may be experiencing unexpected financial challenges that have forced you to postpone planned home improvements. However, regular viewers of renovation programs are still going ahead with their plans because they know the tricks used by experts to makeover a room on a budget.

Mid-Range Bathrooms Don’t Need to […]