When installing a wardrobe in the bedroom, you always have to choose between buying a free standing unit or you can choose having a fitted wardrobe built in the room. The difference lies mainly in style and elegance. While both choices give you much freedom in selecting the look to suit your room, fitted wardrobes simply provide a higher level of elegance and style.

Built in wardrobe tends to look aesthetically better compared to a free standing wardrobe. The fitted wardrobe can easily blend well with the entire room since it is built with the room theme considered, unlike with free standing wardrobes where it is not always easy to match the colour to the room. The chosen colour could be a little off the tint to match the entire room. Fitted wardrobes look best if they are built to look like they are part of the room and not protruding from the walls. This makes the look of the room much cleaner with fewer edges.

Fitted wardrobes also offer added versatility as they can be modified to add pull outs and drawers if needed. These additional units can be added to the closet as the needs of the user change. Fitted wardrobes also provide convenience when one is picking the finish and material. You can choose to have a wood type wardrobe or one with mirror or glass, depending on the style that you would want to project. The glass may even be tinted with the colour of your choice to reflect your style.

Built in wardrobes may also be framed types or semi frameless for added elegance. In case you redecorate your room, the fitted wardrobe can easily be altered as well. Whenever you need to change the style of the wardrobe doors to make the style more current, all that is needed is simple construction work. Standalone wardrobes, however, will simply have to be replaced completely when they go out of style or get worn out.

Fitted wardrobes are also easier to clean. Unlike free standing wardrobes, fitted wardrobes do not have gaps that can accumulate dust and dirt and would be hard to remove. To totally clean the gaps between the wall and a free standing wardrobe, you might need to move the wardrobe so as to reach the dirt hiding between the gaps.

The versatility and style of fitted wardrobes make them a much better installation than free standing wardrobes. Users find much more choices in style with fitted wardrobes to mix well with the look of the interiors.