We often do not notice the decorative potential of mirrors. A lot of people are of the mistaken belief that a mirror in the house serves just one function, which is to look at our reflection. However, mirrors are a flexible decorative item in that they can suit any décor style. In addition, mirrors are used in feng shui to bring positive energy to a space.

Types of Mirrors from Budget Shower Screens

Budget Shower Screens measures, supplies and installs all kinds of mirrors, as well as shower screens and sliding wardrobe doors. If you are re-decorating your home on a tight budget, then choose to buy your mirrors from the company. These affordable mirrors are of high quality, but fit all budgets.

The mirrors are available in three types: Frameless, Semi Frameless and Framed. Framed mirrors feature a 19mm x 12mm perimeter frame and come in powder coat or anodised finishes. Frameless mirrors can feature either concealed or exposed fittings, and are available in polished arrised or polished bevelled edges. Semi Frameless mirrors include a slimline frame that suits tiled recesses, and comes in a bright silver frame.

Uses of Mirrors in Various Parts of the House

Mirrors can be used in practically every single room in your house. Mirrors reflect light and can create the illusion that a space is larger than it actually is. In addition, mirrors can be added to the design of a room in a subtle way to improve the overall aesthetics of the house.

For example, mirrors when hung in small rooms give the illusion of space. A room will appear larger if mirrors are hung on a wall opposite of a window wall. Inside a bathroom, a mirror is best hung over the sink. A good-sized mirror placed over the sink will allow you to perform your bathroom rituals, like shaving and doing your make-up, much easier. Whether hung in a bathroom, bedroom or hallway, a mirror brings beauty to the space and makes the room appear more spacious.

Consider the size, shape and style of the mirror if you want to use mirrors as a decorative item in your home. The placement of the mirror is also a major consideration. If mirrors are properly selected and placed in the home, they can be something other than a piece of home furnishing that you use to look at your reflection.