If you are looking to upgrade your bathroom, then a frameless shower screen may be just the thing for you. A glass screen gives sophistication and class to your bathroom, aside from the functionality it offers. Shower screens can be framed, semi-framed or completely frameless. The choice of shower screen will depend on the effect that you want to achieve in your bathroom.

At Budget Shower Screens, we offer different types of shower screens. If you looking for a clean and stylish look for your bathroom, then a frameless type should be the item for you. A frameless shower screen is devoid of metal frames, so you get to achieve complete transparency and continuity in the bathroom design. This influences the visual perspective of the entire bathroom. Because of the complete transparency, the users’ eyes are then directed to other bathroom design features such as the beautiful tiles or the bathtub.


There are many advantages that you can obtain when you use a Budget Shower Screens frameless shower screen type. For one, this type of shower screen is much easier to clean since you will not have to deal with nooks and inner edges where soap scum and dirt can accumulate. We also offer you different choices to suit your taste and bathroom design. You can choose from clear or frosted glass. You can also choose from chrome, satin chrome or gold fittings.

Our frameless shower screen is one of the best design items that you can add to your bathroom to uplift its appearance and add value to your home. This will be particularly helpful if you are looking to sell your home soon because many home buyers consider bathroom design as a priority. Our frameless shower screen will surely impress potential buyers.

The biggest advantage of using beautiful frameless shower screens is that you get to upgrade the look of your bathroom without having to spend too much. This is one inexpensive way of increasing the value of your home.


You can use our frameless shower screen on top of a bathtub or from wall to wall. It can come with pivot door or it can be used to create a walk-in shower. Our frameless shower screen may also be installed as a 90-degree corner unit or a truncated corner unit. Should you decide to install a frameless shower screen, we will make sure that the shower screen is accurately measured to suit the size of shower and enclosure that you require.