Budget Shower Screens offer three styles of shower screen for you to select from.

They are the Fully Framed Pivot or Slide Door, Semi Framed Pivot Door and Semi Frameless Pivot Door.

The most common question we get asked is what the difference is and why is there a difference in the cost.

Fully Framed Pivot or Slide Door

As the name suggests, the glass in this style of shower is completely framed.

This means every single piece of clear or frosted glass will be framed in your choice of powder coat or anodised frame.

This style of shower is not only the most budget friendly in our range but also the safest choice for children.

As a rule this style of screen will be constructed on site using a laminate glass that requires a frame to protect the edges of the glass from mould entering the glass

Semi Framed Pivot Door

This style of shower screen will still possess a frame at the edges and the corners of a screen as well as across the top.

The door, however, and the edge of the return it closes against will not have a frame at all.

This shower will be a combination of laminated glass and toughened glass. The toughened glass is cut to size, polished off site and must go through a heating process to ensure its strength.

This is why these screens are a moderate increase in price from their counterparts that are made of laminated glass.

Semi Frameless Pivot Door

Our Design of Semi Frameless Pivot Door offers a frame around the top of the screen, which offers a small ledge.

There is, however, no anodised or powder coated vertical framing.

The look is sleek and easy on the eye.

As these screens possess no supporting upright frame it is essential they are constructed of toughened glass. This glass is cut, polished and heat treated offsite by a professional company and cannot be cut once it is made.

This is why this style of screen is the most expensive option.

We hope this has cleared up your questions to your satisfaction and explained the difference in styles and the reason or the price difference.

If you do, however, have any further questions regarding which frame is best for you or you would like to arrange an obligation free quote please do not hesitate to contact us.