Bathrooms and kitchens are the two most hard-working rooms in any home, with perhaps the laundry coming in a close third. They are all high-traffic areas, subjected to heat, steam, water and grime on a daily basis, and need regular attention to stay looking clean.

Tiles Give Best Protection for Hard Working Bathrooms

Wall and floor tiles offer the best protection, especially for the bathroom, which takes a real beating. Let’s use the average family of up to four people as an example. If each person bathes or showers every day, cleans their teeth twice a day and washes their hands several times a day before meals or after chores, the foot traffic and release of moisture into the air is considerable.

Easy Maintenance, Great Looks

Tiles are perfect for this environment. Not only are they easy to maintain but they are also hard-wearing, and with a little care, will look beautiful for many years. Because they are mostly non-porous, they also do not absorb the common pollutants or liquids that become a breeding ground for germs.

When we are installing our Budget Shower Screens for new clients, we often see bathroom tiles that have been on walls and floors for many years. The clients see no reason to pull them up as they are in excellent condition, and blend beautifully with the clean, elegant lines of our screens.

Two-Step Cleaning Process – Sweep and Wash

These are tiles that have been regularly maintained in the easy way that tiles offer. A vacuum or sweep of the area removes most dirt and grit so the tile surface isn’t scratched. No fancy cleaning fluid is needed for the next step, which is to wipe over the tiles with water and vinegar.

If you have had any infectious diseases in the home, or just for peace of mind, you could add a few drops of disinfectant. A damp mop or cloth is all that is needed, as sloshing the area with water will wash any dirt into the grouting.

Tiled Shower Recess Needs Extra Attention

We suggest giving the shower-recess some extra attention, as this is where soap scum builds up and discolours the tiles and the shower screen. A cleaning solution and some vigorous scrubbing with a non-abrasive brush once a week will get rid of the build-up.

Mould in wet areas, especially in a humid climate, can spread quickly and harbour other bacteria. Spray or wipe it over with bleach or a commercial mould killer, leave on for a few minutes then wipe off with clean water.

Keep Your Tiles – Just Add a New Shower Screen

When bathroom tiles are kept clean and fresh, the whole room is germ free, mould does not spread and cause damage, and instead of a full bathroom renovation, just add our new screens for value.