Old-fashioned glass shower screens were considered to be one step above plastic shower curtains in homes built 50 or so years ago. At the time, nobody really cared that they had visible reinforcing and it could only be used safely in narrow panels. If your home had a glass shower screen, it was tops.

Clear Glass Panels Create Beautiful Shower Spaces

Fast forward to the present day, and most new and refurbished bathrooms have spectacular showers with wide expanses of clear glass. Whether frameless or framed in shining silver, modern shower screens are a far cry from the old type, and much easier to keep clean.

At Budget Shower Screens we have a range of models and sizes that will add a touch of elegance to any bathroom space. We measure and install to suit any size shower areas, including around the bath for rooms without the space for a separate shower. Our do-it-yourself unit is suitable for the home handyman with the skills to self-install.

Toughened Glass Brings New Elegance to Bathrooms

The popularity of modern screens with their uncluttered look has been achieved through the use of toughened safety glass. In the past, home owners were naturally reluctant to try for this look at the risk of using glass that could shatter and cause a serious injury to an occupant.

Non-Shattering Effect Reduces Risk of Injury

Toughened glass has proven to be reliable in a wide range of situations and is required by many building codes. It is used in public places, in vehicle windows, architectural glass doors and tables, mobile screen protectors and many other applications. Rather than shattering into razor-sharp shards when broken, this type of glass crumbles into small pieces, greatly reducing the risk of an impact injury.

Two Different Manufacturing Processes – Thermal or Chemical

This effect is achieved during the manufacturing process either by the use of controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength. Thermal toughening occurs when the glass is rolled through a furnace, then the exterior is rapidly cooled with air drafts, while the interior is allowed to flow for a short time.

The chemical method requires the glass to be immersed in a bath of molten potassium nitrate, resulting in increased toughness compared with the thermal process. Neither of these processes produces laminated glass, which is used in vehicle windscreens. This does not shatter if it is broken, and, if in a frame, it will remain there until removed.

While toughened glass can shatter if struck in the middle of a pane, this is rare and would likely be from a deliberate act rather than an accident. The resulting thumb-nailed sized pieces are far less dangerous than ordinary glass, and this is why we use it for our shower screens.