Regardless of how luxurious or humble our dwellings are, most of us would like more storage space for all our bits and pieces. It seems that despite our efforts to de-clutter, there are still places in our homes where there is never enough storage, especially in the kitchens and bathrooms.

Ways to Transform Unused Space

When the space is small, as in the average bathroom, every nook and cranny has the potential to hold the many items that we all use to make ourselves presentable. All you need is a little imagination and some clever tricks to transform unused space into storage.

For example, every bathroom has towels, so towel rails are essential if you have the wall space. If not, hooks will do just as well, not just on the walls but on the back of the bathroom door. This is a largely unused surface that keeps towels or washers out of sight. Creating a small recess in the wall cavity to add a couple of shelves is another way to keep clutter under control.

Use the Corners

Corner shelving is another idea that provides extra storage space. Place two or three corner shelves on top of each other with enough room between to place everyday items like shavers, deodorant, talcum powder and such. If you place smaller items into see-through baskets or tubs, they will be easy to find and the shelves will stay tidy.

A suitable place in the shower recess is also a perfect spot for a corner bathroom caddy. It utilises an otherwise empty space and keeps everything you need when showering close at hand. There is usually not much floor space in a small bathroom, but you may have a cavity under the vanity unit where you can slide a couple of wicker baskets. This is very handy for towel storage if you do not have a linen cupboard.

Try a Storage Ladder

If you have a free-standing bath with even just a sliver of space behind it, a storage ladder will provide additional shelving for less frequently used items. If there is not enough room on the floor for the ladder, run a shelf along the wall the entire length of the bath. Add some greenery with a plant for additional affect.

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