Nobody wants to step into a smelly, mouldy bathroom, and stepping into a mouldy shower cubicle is even more unpleasant, as you come face to face with the unwanted guest while you’re naked and vulnerable! To prevent this happening it is important to take steps to ensure that your bathroom doesn’t get to the point where it is a no-go zone, or requires harsh cleaning products to get rid of the mould. It is a lot easier to prevent mould than to remove it once it has been established, so here are some tips for doing so.

Remove Moisture

It only takes a few days for mould to get established so you will need to ensure that conditions are not inviting this unwanted guest into your home. Ensure that there is as little moisture as possible in your bathroom by using a squeegee and running it down the shower walls after each shower. This will remove a lot of the water that would usually turn into mould. Don’t leave damp towels around the bathroom as this creates moist conditions in the space, which invites mould.

Regular Cleaning

Ensuring that your bathroom stays clean is a huge part of the fight against mould. If you don’t allow it to get established you won’t need to keep fighting it, so do yourself a favour and keep up the preventative cleaning regularly before mould moves in. Regularly spraying white vinegar around your shower cubicle is an effective natural preventative measure that inhibits the growth of mould. Installing new shower screens that are easier to clean can make all the difference in regular cleaning. Budget Shower Screens have some products that are easier to clean such as the 200 Series Sliding, which is a popular choice due to it having an open sill that allows for easier cleaning.

Install an Exhaust Fan

The more moisture that is removed during the course of your shower, the less chance there will be for mould to establish itself on the walls of your bathroom. Having an exhaust fan installed that is set to automatically turn on, while the shower is on, will take care of some of the moisture in the room, and prevent a percentage of the mould that might usually form.

Fix Leaks

Ensure that you fix any leaks in the bathroom as soon as you notice them to prevent excess moisture from building up in the space. If your old shower screen is not doing the job properly, it might be time to have a new one installed and start afresh with a new bathroom and a new routine for keeping out mould. Budget Shower Screens has a variety of different screens that allow for easy cleaning and can be made to suit any sized shower enclosure.