Unless you have a very large home with ample room sizes not seen in the average dwelling, the chances are that your bathroom, however modern and stylish, is quite small when compared with the rest of your home. Of course, this is nothing unusual, as the bathroom is a functional area designed for specific tasks and not for continuous occupation. It often gives up floor space to create more space in adjacent rooms.

Optimise the space by using design tricks

However, just because the space you have available for a bathroom is small, does not mean that you can’t get the look you want to complement the rest of the home. There are many ways to create a stunning bathroom including clever tricks to optimise storage space, as well as to fool the eye into thinking the room is bigger than it is.

We are well acquainted with these sleight of hand methods. At Budget Shower Screens we help our clients make the best use of their bathroom space when we install our high quality, custom made shower screens. Our installers are skilled and experienced, so you can be assured of high standards of work. We also offer a two-year guarantee on all moving parts and frame coatings.

Tuck the shower cubicle into a corner

Choosing the location for the shower cubicle is critical in making the best use of the floor space. Placing the shower into a corner or even recessing it into the wall where possible gives walk-in access and leaves the rest of the room available for the bath and vanity cabinet.

Get the right design to suit the situation

Once the location is settled, the next trick is to choose a design for the actual frame that will take up very little visual space. Large frames at frequent intervals interrupt flow and make a small space obvious. Keeping everything sleek, simple and seamless with little or no lines for the eye to follow creates an impression of a larger space than that which really exists.

Frameless and semi-frameless shower screens are ideal for this purpose. Made without chunky strips or panels that break up the visual space, these screens allow light to flow naturally throughout the room. Combined with sliding doors, they are a cost-effective solution that reduces the inconvenience of a cramped space in one of the busiest and hardest working rooms in the household.

Combine this with large tiles, paint work in light colours and well-placed mirrors that bounce light around the room. With planning and a little extra thought, you can create a stylish bathroom in a small space without it looking cramped.