With the recent design trends in modern houses, it is undeniable that the use of glass materials adds a tone of elegance and style to structures. It is no wonder that, at Budget Shower Screens alone, we receive hundreds of daily enquiries about the use of glass materials for home construction and renovations.

One of the most common questions asked by clients is whether or not glass materials are safe for use at home, especially in the shower areas where there is a risk of slipping and bumping against the glass. And we understand this concern, as broken glass is a definite hazard.

It is interesting to know, however, that glass materials used for homes have been specifically designed for safety. In the design and construction industry, these are called safety glass.

Different Types of Safety Glass

There are various types of safety glass used for different types of construction. If you have any questions regarding one or more of these types of glasses then please don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly team. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have so you are assured you have made the right choice for your bathroom and budget.

Laminated Glass

When layers of glass are bonded together with plastic, it prevents the glass from breaking into larger pieces. This is what happens with laminated glass – where there glass itself is held together by an interlayer resin made of polyvinyl butyral. When the glass breaks, it shatters into finer pieces with the interlayer still binding the fragments together.

Toughened Glass

The most common type of glass used in residential construction is toughened glass. From glass tables, to walls and shower screens, toughened glass is the safest and the most durable. At Budget Shower Screens, our shower glass products are made of toughened glass so we can guarantee that our installations will last for years.

Choosing the Right Type of Screen Installation

Apart from understanding the durability of the glass material, it is also important that you choose a shower screen design that will fit your requirements and match your bathroom interiors. Our shower screen installations include a fully framed pivot door, semi-framed pivot door, frameless pivot doors and a slide shower screen, with your choice of either frosty or clear glass designs.

If you are unsure which design will best suit the theme of your home, call us to get an insight from one of our experts.