When mirrors are selected carefully for both style and functionality, they add another dimension to the décor, and their ability to reflect light makes them indispensable in a dark room. In a bathroom, mirrors inject personality and lift the character of the whole room. To get the best result, planning is necessary to make the right decision.

First, is how you plan to use the mirror. Do you have a large family who all use the bathroom in that frantic half hour in the morning? Would a full-length mirror be more practical so everyone gets a look-in, or do you just want something over the basin to check your hair while you clean your teeth?

This determines the size, and from there, the choices are almost endless. Our range of frameless, semi-framed and framed mirrors is stylish, modern and cost effective. Our experienced installers at Budget Shower Screens take great care to fit your mirror just where you want it.

Get the Right Size

To help with your planning, we offer five tips for getting the right mirror, and we start by getting back to the size. The general rule of thumb is for the mirror to be no wider, even a little narrower, than the width of the vanity and no taller.

Keep the Style Consistent

Whether the style of your bathroom is a minimalist look or something more adventurous, you need a mirror that suits the style. If you have a minimalist style, but you think a frameless mirror will be too harsh, soften the look with a semi-frameless or framed mirror with a bright silver frame, or a powder coated or anodised finish.

Do You Have the Popular Double Basin Look?

Choose between either one large mirror that serves both basins, or two smaller mirrors, one for each basin. If you opt for the two smaller ones, keeping them the same width as the actual basin is now a popular trend. This creates a sense of personal space, as there is no need to share.

Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger by Clever Mirror Placement

To fool the eye into thinking the room is bigger than it is, consider having two mirrors, both the same style. One will be in the traditional spot above the basin and the other on the opposite wall. This bounces light, both artificial and natural, around the room and creates the illusion of space.

Use Paper Craft to Check Your Placement

Once you have decided, cut a large piece of paper to size and tape it where the mirror will go. Is this the best use of the space, or would two smaller mirrors suit the room better? Play around with paper in this way until you are satisfied.

When you are ready to buy your mirror, give us a call. Our selections are classy and cost effective, and they will look great in your bathroom.