The bathroom in the average dwelling was once a basic room, clean and functional, but not a place where a householder would spend scarce funds trying to impress visitors with the decor. However, forward to the present day, where the previously humble bathroom has been elevated to a private sanctuary for the occupiers and, at the same time, a public showpiece for friends and relatives.

Many Looks in the Modern Bathroom

Modern bathrooms now can be every bit as decorative as they are functional, with multiple choices available in flooring, wall protection, window styles and the most amazing array of bathtubs, basins, showers and complementary accessories imaginable. They can even reflect the overall theme of the rest of the interior décor, from early settler, cute cottage, 50s and 60s retro, right through the garish wallpaper years to today’s crisp, minimalist fashion look.

Gone are the days of the mouldy plastic shower curtain dripping water onto the floor or the clunky shower screen made of frosted glass that defied all efforts to remove built-up grime. The look today is smooth, slick and open, with even those with a small bathroom using whatever tricks they can to make it appear larger than it is.

Make it Elegant

If there is one word that describes the look most households are going for in their bathrooms today it is ‘elegance’. The taps and fittings, the tile colours, the variety of shapes available for the basins and bathtubs, the increasing preference for in-wall toilet cisterns and all-glass shower screens are all designed to achieve this effect.

Perfect for Renovators

For a renovator trying to bring an out-dated bathroom up to this standard, all of this is possible with a big enough budget. However, if you just want to get a few more years of use out of your current bathroom before a major makeover is due there is one sure way to create this elusive elegance at a fraction of the cost. Replace your old, grungy slider with a beautiful, clean and clear glass screen door.

We know how much of a difference this one change can make to an out-dated bathroom. Our company, Budget Shower Screens, supplies and installs glass shower screens that are made to measure to suit shower enclosures of all sizes. We use toughened safety glass in all our installations and our installers are experienced and careful.

Light and Space Looks Good

The clear glass allows more light into the room and creates an illusion of space. Couple this change with a good steam clean of the other surfaces and a modern, bright repaint job, and your bathroom will look great for years.