Because the bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in the average dwelling, householders often underestimate what is involved when they decide to renovate. They choose the new bathtub, vanity basin, tiles and fixtures, and expect to put them all together and it’s finished. It sounds simple but getting a bathroom with effortless functionality that is still visually stunning is all about getting every detail right.

Attention to Detail Avoids Mistakes

Often during a renovation, there is so much attention paid to the more glamorous items such as the bathtub, vanity, mirror and tapware, that the shower screen becomes an afterthought. When the time comes to install the shower and the details have not been carefully considered, mistakes can happen that will be expensive to rectify.

Plan for Obstructions

While looks are important, making sure everything works smoothly is equally important. For example, if during the renovation you placed the toilet or the vanity next to the shower, you will need a sliding shower screen. This will save space and avoid the shower door striking the obstruction when it is opened.

Size is Part of the Detail

This may seem obvious, but your new shower space should be big enough for you to shower comfortably. Unless the size of the shower is planned in the early detail, you may have to settle for a shower smaller than you would have liked, spoiling the overall appearance of the entire bathroom.

Avoid Mismatching

In the excitement of choosing all the new fixtures and fittings, people sometimes forget to co-ordinate colours, leaving an overall impression of things that are mismatched. If you have chosen the always fashionable chrome for your tapware and door handles, it is best to stick with chrome for the framed or semi-framed shower screen.

Tile Colours Also Part of the Detail

These days, there are many beautiful and colourful tiles to choose from in different shapes and sizes. Unless you have already worked through the detail of your tiling, the temptation to include several colours and shapes can be overwhelming. Your bathroom may end up a kaleidoscope of colour that does nothing for its overall ambiance. Stick to one colour for the floor and another for the shower and the rest of the wet areas.

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