If you are designing a bathroom for a new home or have just completed a renovation, the final touch to creating a beautiful, functional space is the mirror. It may seem like a simple choice, but the size, shape and placement of mirrors, especially in a small space like the typical bathroom, is critical for maximum visual impact.

Size Does Matter

Let’s start with size first. While the mirror is usually not wider than the vanity unit, it’s your choice. You can have it the same size, although this is easier to do if your mirror is custom made. If you are purchasing it ready-made, the best advice is to opt for a mirror that is 70 to 80% as wide as the vanity. This will still reflect enough light to brighten the room and make it appear larger.

Height is Just as Important and Width

The mirror’s height is also important and while it will be quite functional at approximately 30 centimetres above and below average eye level, the higher it is the better. Try for 1.2 to 2 metres above the floor to provide a range of viewing angles and to further open the space.

More Choices for a Double Vanity

If the bathroom has a double vanity, there are more choices to consider. Some people prefer a mirror for each basin, while others opt for a single mirror wide enough to service both. A single large mirror reflects more of the opposite walls than two smaller ones which, again, make the room appear more spacious. It really becomes a personal choice.

Open a Cramped Space with a Full Height Mirror

For a bathroom that looks cramped, consider a mirror that covers the whole wall right up to the ceiling. A frameless mirror will give the maximum effect, bouncing natural light around the whole bathroom and creating an illusion of space. A mirror this size will most likely need to be custom made but it could be the finishing touch that gives a small bathroom the “wow” factor.

Think Outside the Square When Necessary

If your bathroom renovation is in an old house, you could be struggling with an unusual layout like a window frame that lines up with the centre of the vanity basin. It is time to think outside the square with a mirror that is not flush with the wall, but attached to the window frame, or even suspended from the ceiling. A framed mirror matching the colour of the cabinet will look sensational.

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