One of the things that make a dwelling a home is the presence of private spaces. These are the places in your home that you go to when you want to relax, have a daytime nap, read quietly, watch television, listen to music or any other activity where you are away from the rest of the world.

Doors are Essential to Create Private Spaces

Sometimes, especially in small homes, such a space may be only a corner of a room and a special chair or bean bag and if it serves the purpose that is just fine. Most of us are lucky enough though, to have a home big enough for separate rooms where the signal that privacy is needed is to just shut the door.

Main Entrance Door has the WOW Factor

This brings us to the subject of doors that are not as boring as they first seem. Doors nowadays are available in many different materials and designed to suit their purpose while styled to suit a range of decors. Take for example, the main entrance where the visitor gets their first impression of the dwelling.

Timber a Favourite

Most entrance doors are substantial with solid timber a favoured material, and styling added with coloured or patterned glass panel inserts and ornate door handles. This type of door is of a superior quality and not the sort that you would install anywhere else. Internal rooms such as the bedroom, laundry and toilet, usually have the same type of door, mostly timber and plainly styled.

Glass Allows in the Light

The advent of sliding aluminium doors ushered in the era of plain glass, which brought the outdoors inside. This created the open plan concept, giving easy access to the yard, as well as flooding the living and eating spaces with light. In the bedrooms, glass is also a popular choice for wardrobe doors, reflecting light and doubling as a mirror.

The other private place where everyone spends time is the bathroom, and it is here that plain glass is featured. The humble shower curtain has been replaced by toughened glass around the shower cubicle and the bath. This is our favourite type of door and the one our clients request when they contact Budget Shower Screens.

Glass Brings Elegance to the Bathroom

From do-it-yourself semi-framed and Vogue series semi-framed glass pivot doors to our space-saving fully framed sliding doors, all our screens are suited for both the shower recess and the bath. All our glass doors are supplied in clear or frosted, laminated safety glass and can be made to measure for all spaces. If your bathroom needs a makeover, let our specialist installers freshen up your private spaces.