Getting the right shower screen is just as important when you are refurbishing as it is when planning a completely new bathroom. It can mean the difference between a place that is functional but unexciting, and a space where you immediately feel relaxed and at ease. Choosing the correct shower glass to suit your needs is just as important as the aesthetics.

Which Glass is Best for Your Shower?

The right glass will improve two issues that are common to most bathrooms – privacy and space. Many homes do not have the luxury of a large bathroom and any effect that creates the illusion of space is welcome. Also, some people need the sense of security they feel when they know that their shower is completely private.

At Budget Shower Screens we offer a comprehensive range of shower screens and glass to transform the most neglected bathroom. We listen to our clients and discuss their budget, the ideas they have about their new bathroom and any issues for improvement that need to be addressed.

Space – How to Have More with Less

Starting with the issue of space, this is easily solved by installing a clear glass shower screen, either semi-framed or semi-frameless. While this will not increase the actual floor space in the bathroom, it gives a clear line of sight around the room. When we remove the old, closed off shower recess, this line of sight is no longer blocked and an illusion of space is created that makes the room look larger than it is.

Privacy is a Personal Thing

To solve the privacy issue, our simple solution is to use frosted glass in the shower screen. Unlike clear glass, this option protects the modesty of anyone using the shower if someone else enters unexpectedly. To some, this is more important than creating illusions.

Toughened Glass Protects Against Injury

Not only do semi-framed and semi-frameless shower screens feature the clean lines desired by today’s interior designers, but they also come in toughened glass. This is a very important safety feature. Shower floors become slippery and if a person was to fall against the glass and it shattered, they could be seriously injured. Toughened glass is designed to prevent such an accident and comes in both clear and frosted styles.

Think About Maintenance Before Choosing

Modern shower screens are also designed to be low-maintenance with minimal fasteners needed to secure them in place. This makes them easy to clean and when coupled with clear glass, will only require a few minutes every week to keep them looking like new. Frosted glass requires a little more effort as soap scum is more easily seen and needs regular attention to prevent it from building up.

If you need some expert help to make a choice, please give us a call and we will be glad to assist.