There is plenty of DIY shows and stores around so that those who are competent or feeling adventurous can fix up items around their home themselves. However, DIY is not always the best option. Sometimes in life there are things for which you should call in the professionals.

One such thing is shower screen installation. Our team at Budget Shower Screens have seen too many times the sad outcome of poorly installed shower screens by someone who didn’t have the knowledge or experience to get it right.

While we are on the subject of getting it right, it’s also important to choose the right contractor to install your screen. Even someone with experience can be the wrong choice. You need to choose an installer who is qualified, certified and insured.

The best way to avoid the common mistakes that can occur, or any mistakes at all, is to hire our team to install your shower screen. Keep reading about the mistakes you could be at risk of making to help you decide that calling us is your best option.

Decisions, decisions

Proper installation of your shower screen begins with a decision. It is vitally important to choose the right shower screen for you, your budget and your bathroom design. Our team will discuss with you the different options in shower screens and help you make the right choice before installation.

Bathroom layout

It’s important to consider the bathroom layout when choosing a shower screen and this is something DIY installers can overlook. There is nothing worse than a shower screen that opens out and hits the bathroom door, for instance. Alternatively, when choosing a sliding glass door, you need to make sure it slides in the direction most efficient for use.

Getting the measurements right for the shower screen is vitally important too. If you incorrectly record measurements you could end up with a screen that does not fit correctly. It is an expensive mistake to make.

Shower seals

Shower screen seals are incredibly important. They keep the water in the shower recess by sealing the glass joins. DIYers can sometimes get the attachment of these wrong and either not install correctly or cut them the incorrect size.

This can then mean the shower screen is not installed properly so it could be at the risk of being unstable. It could also leak, meaning more water on the floors, more moisture and possibly more mould around joins.

It’s settled then. You need to give us a call at Budget Shower Screens so that your shower screen is installed properly, saving you time and money.