There is something very satisfying about standing in the doorway of your bathroom after having a new glass shower installed. The smooth, clean lines give the room an elegant vibe and the pristine shower glass sparkles. If only it could always look this good.

Well, it can with a little knowledge and some clever cleaning methods. For example, hard water that contains high concentrations of magnesium and calcium can damage glass. The minerals build up over time on surfaces that are constantly wet, such as shower screens, and if left on, over time they can etch into the glass leaving it cloudy and unattractive. Having this knowledge makes it easier to take protective measures.

Some Protective Measures worth Taking

There are some products available that put a surface coating over shower glass that repel water, soap and other residues. Depending on the attributes of the various products, some are suitable only for application on new glass, and some can be applied to cleaned glass. Also, some need to be applied by a professional, and some are do-it-yourself products. Costs and warranties vary.

Luckily, the easiest protective measure is one that is available to all householders. Regular cleaning prevents hard water stains and soap scum from accumulating on the shower glass and the cleaning methods range from do-it-yourself tricks to common supermarket items.

At Budget Shower Screens our professional installers take pride in ensuring that, after they have completed the shower installation, they tidy the site and leave the shower glass clean and free of anything that would reduce the impact for the client. This means that when clients first see their new shower, it is immaculate and with care, it should stay that way.

Take the Time to Wipe Clean After Every Use

Removing water droplets and soap scum immediately after showering is the best approach but may not be practical in a busy household. However, if all those who use the shower can be persuaded to run a squeegee over the glass before they exit, a full clean every few days should be sufficient.

Environmentally Friendly and Chemical Cleaning Suggestions

For those who prefer the non-chemical approach, vinegar is the stand-out product. Simply add white vinegar to a clean spray bottle, either pure or equal parts vinegar and water; then spray on the glass, covering it thoroughly. Leave on for 15 minutes, wash off with clean water and either leave to dry or polish with a soft cloth for extra shine.

There are many other products available from supermarkets and specialist outlets that will also keep shower glass sparkling. The key to success is to clean regularly before hard water stains and soap scum become a problem.