In this extraordinary year of natural disasters and a global health pandemic, you may be experiencing unexpected financial challenges that have forced you to postpone planned home improvements. However, regular viewers of renovation programs are still going ahead with their plans because they know the tricks used by experts to makeover a room on a budget.

Mid-Range Bathrooms Don’t Need to be Expensive

The kitchen and bathroom are generally considered to be the most important and the most expensive rooms to renovate. They are also the rooms that need to be in good condition, should the homeowner be trying to attract prospective buyers. In a low to mid-range property market, these rooms do not need to be lavish and luxurious, just clean, tidy, well-laid out with lots of light and fresh paint to be acceptable.

Make Your Old Cabinets Look Like New

Using the bathroom as an example, it is amazing how just a few changes can transform a tired old bathroom into a fresh and inviting space. Starting with the cabinets, if they are in a reasonable condition but an unfashionable colour, repainting with an appropriate product is much more cost-effective than replacing them. If they are beyond saving, look out for second-hand cabinets still in good condition, or buy a flat pack product and assemble it yourself.

Spray Over Old or Out-dated Tiles

The tiles or waterproof sheeting around the bath and shower recess, just like the cabinets, may still be in good condition, but the colours or patterns from another era are inappropriate for a modern look. Again, these can be spray painted just like the cabinets. Take care, however, to use the correct product and not just any paint, as it must be able to withstand heat and steam.

There is one item that is best replaced and that is the shower screen. Modern screens are made from clear, toughened safety glass that reflects light and here at Budget Shower Screens, we have a varied range to suit every situation. Our semi-frameless styles offer an open, uncluttered look that is elegant and contemporary, and our installers are experienced professionals.

The Final Touches

Now, finish off with fresh paint for the walls and ceilings that complements the new look of the cabinets and tiles. For the final touch, if the budget still allows, replace the tapware and the mirror above the cabinet. New modern taps, showerhead and mirror will lift the appearance of the entire room. Add some plants and you have a budget success.

As you can see, most of this is achieved by using your own labour. The rest is paint and accessories, and of course our sensational shower screens.