If you are up to offering your home for sale, there are things that you would have to do to gain the best price for it and to attract many potential buyers. Most important would be a general cleaning of the house to make it look like new.

There might also be some renovations that need to be done. While some buyers can simply consider a house for its size and potential, knowing that they can turn it into something great, most buyers will want to see a well-maintained house with everything in good working condition.

Many buyers will also love to see a well-designed bathroom, so this is one part of the house that should be made a priority when renovating.

Bathroom Redo

When buyers look for a house, the first thing they see is the living room. But what most people inspect carefully is actually the bathroom. All the other rooms are easy to redesign according to the desires of the buyer. The bathroom, on the other hand, has to be in good working condition. This includes the plumbing and drainage system.

The bathroom is more attractive to buyers if they get a redesign to make it more modern. Modern-style bathrooms incorporate clean designs, with clean lines and contemporary materials.

Glass is one material that makes bathrooms look contemporary. Glass shower screens are a better fit for a contemporary bathroom than shower curtains. Mirrors and vanity cabinets can also be used to give the bathroom a more modern look. Glass shower screens are easier to clean and more effective in keeping water inside the shower room.

Shower Screen Design Choices

There are different types of glass shower screens that can be used for contemporary bathrooms. You can choose from frameless and semi-framed types. There is also the enclosed type, the pivot door or hinged door type of screens. If there is not enough space to swing the door, you can opt for a sliding door instead.

Shower screens can be installed over bath tubs or it can be a walk-in closet separate from the bath tub. You can choose from powder coat or anodised finishes, clear or frosted types of glass.

In choosing the type of glass and the shower screen style, consider the space that you can allocate for the shower area. The material should also blend well with the other colours in the bathroom and the style of the other items in the room.


Mirrors can be framed, frameless or semi-frameless. While the frameless type is the most contemporary of the choices, the semi-frameless type can project an elegant style as it exposes its polished edges. The framed type may be less expensive but it can still provide a modern look for your bathroom.