At Budget Shower Screens we design, manufacture and install stunning wardrobes as well as beautiful mirrors and bathroom shower screens. Laundry and linen cupboards, office cupboards, studies and of course, bedroom cupboards are our specialty when it comes to wardrobes.

Our team of qualified professionals will expertly install your wardrobe so that your clothes can be stylishly stored out of sight and kept neat and tidy. Once our wardrobe is installed there is something you will need to be wary of and that’s insects that can ruin your clothes.

The risk to your clothes in your cupboard

Silverfish, moths and beetles all lay eggs in your clothes and then the larvae will dine on the fabric. Silverfish in particular can be tricky to spot as they move fast and are seldom seen; just the evidence of their fine dining is left behind.

If you are not keen on using smelly mothballs and harsh chemicals for your wardrobes and clothing there are some alternative methods you can try, too. Pest inspections and exterminators are great for checking and getting rid of infestations if they occur. Here are some good tips for prevention.

Dry and Clean is best

Bugs and insects find it harder to infiltrate your drawers and wardrobes if you keep them dry and clean. Vacuum your wardrobes out regularly, this will get rid of any insects and bugs and also the dirt that can attract them.

Store clothes correctly

Ensuring that clothing is stored correctly and that the fabrics are able to breathe and stay dry will keep most insects away. Garment bags are great for storing favourite dresses and suits and will protect them when not in use.

Keep clothes clean

Insects and bugs love perfumes, hair, dirt and food stains. Before putting clothing away, make sure it is clean. This means don’t wear it once and then put it away, wash clothing every time after wearing to avoid dirt and bacteria build up. This will also help you avoid bugs and insects.

Natural deterrents

You can use natural deterrents to keep away annoying pests that eat your clothes. Lavender and cedar are excellent for keeping bugs and insects away. There are also plenty of natural solutions available in stores if you don’t wish to use chemicals.

Talk to our team at Budget Shower Screens today about getting your new wardrobe installed and keep these handy tips in mind for afterwards.