Beautiful bathrooms are everyone’s dream. Because it is the room in the home where we get ourselves clean and often ready for the day or evening it’s nice to have everything looking smart and working perfectly.

When it comes to your bathroom mirrors and shower screens we at Budget Shower Screens have you covered. But when it comes to keeping things going like the functionality of your drain then this is your responsibility.

Bathroom drains including toilets, sinks and bathtubs are among the easiest drains to become clogged in the home. This is because items such as hair and even dental floss can find their way into drains and teamed with oils from hair products and general grime they quickly become a filthy clump that prevents water flowing through easily.

In order to help you prevent clogged drains that can result in bigger problems we have compiled some great tips to avoid drain clogging.

Oil and scum

Oil and soap scum are big culprits in creating clogged drains in bathrooms. Think about it; if you apply hair gel or a similar product to your hair and then wash your hands this product is now in the drain. Any dirt that is washed down the drain now quickly attaches itself to the oils and scum and the issue snowballs.

A way to avoid remnants of hair products being left on the walls of your drain is after washing hands run hot water for a bit. This will hopefully work to dissolve and remove most of any oil or scum like textures from pipes.

Some people use oils to moisturise their skin and also coconut oil for oral health has become a popular practice. When it comes to oils for moisturising it is best to try and leave as little as possible behind on your hands and follow the blast of hot water practice mentioned above.

If you use coconut oil or similar for oral health, always remember this: Don’t spit the oil down the sink. Surely enough the oil will be liquefied when it is in your mouth but when you dispel it down the sink it soon cools and hardens. This inevitably creates a blockage in the sink.

Hair and other products

Hair comes off our heads. Some people lose a lot and others not much at all. If you are brushing your hair or cleaning your brush don’t be tempted to put this down the sink. Collect the hair and place it in the bin.

If you are flossing with dental floss daily don’t be lazy and attempt to wash this into the sink, place this in the bin also.


Excess toilet paper and foreign objects clog toilets easily. Avoid using too much paper and if you have young children encourage them not to use too much or to test their science skills with seeing what will flush into the never-never.

You can keep your drains clear with some careful choices and maintenance. Budget Shower Screens can provide you with a beautiful shower screen or mirror to add to your bathroom functionality.