Whether you are carrying out a DIY bathroom renovation or having it done professionally you will benefit from some careful planning. Big jobs like renovations don’t come off well without planning and you will avoid costly mistakes if you have a clear idea and outcome in mind.

When it comes to choosing your shower screen you simply can’t go past our great range and high quality at Budget Shower Screens. This part of the bathroom renovation process can’t go wrong.

From your first visit with our professional sales team to the end result, thanks to our experienced installers your experience with us will be an easy and pleasant one. In the meantime, why not check out our tips on planning your renovation well.

Get your budget sorted

First and foremost you need to have a realistic idea in mind about your budget. Whether you are saving or planning on financing this operation you need to be sure you can afford what’s involved. Having a clear idea how much you can spend means you don’t go overboard and plan for a bathroom you can’t have.

Time frame

Renovating a bathroom may not necessarily only take a couple of days. In some cases, particularly if the whole bathroom is being done, it can take longer than two days. Find out what time frames are expected from contractors or for you if it is DIY. If you only have one bathroom, make sure to have a plan on how showers, for example, are achieved while the bathroom is not in use. You might even need to consider staying with a friend or family member.

Sequence of things

If your project is DIY make sure you work out the best order of jobs to be done. This can save you time and clean up if you break down the process in the right way. For example, removing wall tiles would come before removing floor tiles. The shower recess is likely to be the last thing on the list.

Hidden issues

Always bear in mind that there could be issues lurking you are not aware of. Leaks, cracks in flooring, et cetera, can pose bigger problems down the track. Where you lack knowledge yourself always try to have a professional carry out inspections and work for peace of mind.

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