If you are getting your bathroom completely remodelled or want some simple renovations, you might ask yourself if you need ventilation or exhaust fans. Even if your bathroom has a window you should know that exhaust fans are very important.

At Budget Shower Screens we highly recommend that you get an exhaust fan put into your bathroom so that when you purchase one of our stunning shower screens or mirrors you won’t have problems with condensation or issues that arise from excessive moisture.

What does an exhaust fan do?

Many of us just think that exhaust fans in bathrooms prevent all the mist and moisture but there is a little more that it does for you and the health of your bathroom.

Controls odours

You may not realise that exhaust fans can control odours. This makes them great if you don’t have a separate toilet away from the bathroom, or if you are using cleaning products to scrub surfaces clean.

Running the ventilation when odours occur will protect you from smelling toxic fumes from cleaners and also make the room more pleasant for the next person after you leave.

Controls humidity

Reducing excessive humidity in your bathroom is a must. If you have excess moisture in the bathroom, all kinds of issues can arise: peeling paint or wallpaper, doors and surfaces can warp and of course, mould can grow.

Mould spores, once they get going can grow at a fast pace. Mould is not only unsightly; it is harmful to your health. An exhaust fan will help eliminate the spores in the air and slow the rate of the growth.

Is your existing exhaust fan working?

If you are getting a new shower screen or mirror installed by Budget Shower Screens, you want to increase the longevity of these by ensuring that you have a current fan that works. Excess moisture left behind on shower screens and mirrors can cause damage over time.

There is a really simple technique to tell if your exhaust fan is working. Obviously, if after having a shower there is steam on the mirror and condensation on surfaces then you can be sure the fan is not doing its job.

To do a test you can take a piece of toilet paper and hold it in front of the fan. If the fan is unable to hold a square or two it’s time to think about a new fan so your entire bathroom stays cleaner and healthier longer.