Have you just started a bathroom renovation or are you building a new home and want your bathroom to look chic with up-to-the-minute styling? Either way, you have probably spent hours looking at display bathrooms, getting colour chart samples, example floor plans and brochures to help you design your perfect bathroom.

It Is Decision Time

You now have many important decisions to make. Major items such as the type of bath and shower, vanity cabinet and basin, wall and floor tiling and tapware should be co-ordinated so that the colours and styles complement each other. Everything should fit into the space allocated for the bathroom and be practical as well as attractive.

Often, the homeowner will have numerous rethinks and make changes that are only proven to be right once the work has started and glimpses of the completed project are evident. What gets lost during this exciting but frustrating process is the accessories that will be needed to finish the job such as towel rails, lighting and mirrors.

Bringing Everything Together

These touches will bring everything together, so it is important that they also get as much attention as the rest of the work. In the case of mirrors, they are important for reflecting light around the room, and the correct size and placement are crucial to give the room balance.

Here at Budget Shower Screens, we supply and install framed and frameless mirrors. Our frameless styles have polished arrised or polished bevelled edges, and the framed mirrors are available in a choice of anodised or powder coated finishes.

Frameless Mirrors Currently in Vogue

The current trend favours frameless mirrors, especially now that bathrooms tend to have minimalist décor. The desired effect is for something that looks clean, sleek and airy, so the absence of a frame around the mirror achieves the floating look that is so popular for bathrooms. They are the perfect accessory for an understated effect that complements the simple clean lines of the rest of the room.

Add Interest with a Framed Mirror

Framed mirrors are the perfect accessory in a bathroom where the effect needed is more elaborate. Stylistically, they add another dimension to the room and because they are bulkier than the frameless variety, they are perfect when additional interest is needed. With either a bright silver or coloured finish, they can be matched with other accessories to round out the décor.

Your Bathroom – Your Choice

Choosing between the two really depends on the overall look you are going for, as in a practical sense, they both do the same job, which is to make sure you look your best before you leave the house.