Every year, over one-third of all accidents in Australia occur in the home with thousands of people injured and many hospitalised as a result. While some of these injuries are caused by fires, many happen while performing normal domestic tasks. A large percentage of these falls are either from heights while cleaning gutters and trimming trees or simply slipping on something or tripping over.

Removing Hazards Prevents Accidents and Injuries

These seemingly simple accidents often result in broken bones, lacerations and head injuries, and significantly impact on the family until the injuries heal. Some never heal completely, so it is important to look at our home surroundings and remove any hazards that could cause injury. Water on the floor is always a hazard and nowhere is it more dangerous than in the bathroom.

Shower Screens Help to Keep Bathroom Floors Dry

If your bathroom has the shower head over the bath, you will already have spent many hours cleaning water off the floor. At Budget Shower Screens, we have a simple and affordable solution for that particular hazard. In our range of attractive and modern shower screens, we have several that fit around the bath to keep most of that water where it belongs.

Safety in Our Homes is Our Responsibility

Of course, that solution doesn’t stop every drop of water from landing on the floor. To get the best protection from slips and falls, property owners should consider all the options. Safety experts tell us that, while retailers can advise on the suitability of bathroom flooring, it is our responsibility as consumers to manage the risk of slips and falls.

Some Slip-Resistant Products May Cause Other Problems

Installing slip-resistant tiles is one option owners take. However, using a material as flooring with a higher slip resistance than recommended can cause other problems. If the surface is too rough it becomes hard to clean, trapping contaminants and harbouring bacteria. It may be too abrasive for bare feet, causing discomfort, or it may become a tripping hazard.

Specialist Anti-Slip Products Available

To improve safety on an existing bathroom floor, there are special products available. Slip-resistant bath mats and a comprehensive range of anti-slip products to apply to the floor are all readily available at hardware and flooring specialist stores. Some are do-it-yourself products and others need to be applied by experts. Hand rails may also be needed for elderly occupants.

Consider All Factors

Always consider other factors like durability, cleaning and maintenance before deciding. Like most serious problems, the solutions are not simple and need to be looked at on an individual basis. Even simple things like immediately cleaning up spillage and water will make your home a safe and comfortable place to live in.