We have all heard the saying “it’s all smoke and mirrors” when describing something that is not what it seems. You will not want the smoke part of the saying wafting through the rooms of your home, but clever use of mirrors as part of your home décor can give you surprising results.

Mirrors are Inexpensive and Practical

Mirrors are one of the least expensive and most effective ways to trick the eye into believing that a small room is bigger and lighter than it is. They are a decorator’s dream because they not only create illusions but also serve a practical purpose, which is to look at our own reflection.

Mirrors Change the Appearance of a Room

One of the most popular uses of mirrors as décor is to make a small room look larger than it is. A clever trick in a room without windows, for example, is to cut and frame a mirror to look like a window. The mirror reflects the opposite wall, opening up the space and creating a focal point that counters the claustrophobic effect of the tiny space.

Create Interesting Optical Illusions with Mirrors

Another variation on this theme is to place a tall, narrow mirror on a wall in a dark corner. The eye is immediately drawn upward, making this part of the room feel more spacious. Tall slender mirrors are excellent for creating many different optical illusions, so try some out if you have a dark space that is difficult to love.

We have seen many times how effective some of these ideas are at changing the aesthetics of a room. At Budget Shower Screens, we do much more than bathrooms. We install wardrobes including those with mirrored doors, and of course, we also offer a range of framed, semi-frameless and frameless mirrors.

Brighten up a Drab Space

Do you have a front entry that looks drab, but don’t know how to improve it? A beautifully framed mirror with a glass shelf underneath it and a couple of strategically placed ornaments or plants will change that boring entry into an exciting place to welcome guests.

Bounce Light Around the Walls

Dining rooms can sometimes be a decorating afterthought, and are often small, especially once the furniture is installed. Place a large mirror on the main wall and change the light fitting to a pendant style directly over the table. The mirror will reflect the light and make the room appear larger and more formal.

Mirrors Modernise Living Space

Mirrors trick the eye by reflecting both natural and artificial light, and make rooms seem brighter and more elegant, both day and night. They are an inexpensive way to make immediate changes that will both lighten and modernise your living space.