Of all the different styles of architecture that have existed since the beginning of recorded history, most of them say something unique about the time and civilization in which they were created. When we think of mystery, for example, the pyramids of Egypt and the tombs of the Pharaohs come to mind. Think of enduring love expressed in stone and there is the Taj Mahal.

Architectural Styles Unique to Specific Cultures

The unique features of the time are there to be appreciated. Compare, for example, the roof lines of the Temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia to the Forbidden City in Beijing and the stone castles of Europe. They are not like those in Moscow, reflecting differences in building techniques, cultural influences and the insular nature of societies separated by distance.
Our modern architecture features steel and glass, and presents an entirely different picture of our society and culture. The large buildings we construct are not built to last for centuries. It is hard to see future civilizations admiring the remains of our major cities as we admire those that came before us.

Glass Creates its Own Architectural Style

One thing that does stand out in modern architecture is the ambiance created by wide expanses of glass in windows, doors and wall panels. Most old buildings had small windows, which made the interiors dark and gloomy. There may have been large, ornate palaces but they were for the very few. The rest lived in small, cramped and dark places.
Today, we crave as much natural light as the climate we live in will provide. Darkness is synonymous with depression while light lifts our mood, improves our health and heals our soul. Glass lets in that light and creates an atmosphere of elegance and style to the humblest of dwellings.

Toughened Glass Perfect for Shower Screens

Advances in manufacturing techniques have created a toughened glass that can withstand temperature variations. This makes it perfect for the glass shower screens that are so popular in today’s bathrooms. At Budget Shower Screens, we find that demand for these screens is constant as they offer the minimalist look that is currently in favour.

Glass and Natural Light – Perfect Partners

In a bathroom, glass shower screens allow natural light to flow through the structure, giving the impression of space and making the room appear larger than it is. Mirrors on the walls of any room draw the eye and add interest to the decor. Rooms with large glass windows provide a vista to the outside world, giving occupants the chance to observe people and connect with nature.
While we don’t claim that our glass products will outlast the Pyramids, we are confident you will love the sleek, clean and open look that glass shower screens will create in your bathroom.