When you purchase a good quality mirror from a reputable company like Budget Shower Screens, you will want it to last a good while.

While many people overlook the importance of proper care for mirrors in their bathrooms and bedrooms, it’s important to know that cleaning them correctly will make a difference and improve longevity.

The mirrors you will find at Budget Shower Screens offer a sense of class that will suit all décor and tastes. You can choose from polished edge frameless, semi frameless, anodised or powder coated frameless.

The question to ask yourself is what is the point in having a nice modern mirror for you to use if you are not going to keep it clean so it can fully serve its functional purpose by offering you a clear reflection?

There is no point, so for some great tips on keeping mirrors spic, span and reflecting clearly keep reading.

Prevent build up

Naturally your mirror will need regular cleaning just like the rest of the bathroom or home but there are things you can do to keep it cleaner in-between times.

Firstly, try to avoid putting your hands on mirrors as this will not only leave fingerprints but the oils left behind on the mirror from your skin will collect grime and dirt. Any drips, spots or spits from washing hands, brushing teeth or doing makeup should be wiped away before they have time to dry.

Steam is another kind of build up that can happen to your mirror. When you come out of the shower it can be a little annoying but this is easily prevented. Simply spread shaving cream across the surface and then wipe clean with a microfibre cloth.

Best cleaning tools

Your best cleaning tools to keep your mirror clean is a microfibre cloth or a squeegee and your choice of cleaner. This can be a simple dish soap or bathroom cleaner or vinegar mixed with equal parts water in a spray bottle is just as effective.

As mentioned, shaving cream is also great and helps keep steam at bay. Keeping the microfibre cloth clean and handy nearby means you can easily wipe away splashes of water and other products.

Another great tip for cleaning glass mirrors is after using soapy water to clean, scrunch up some newspaper and wipe water away until dry. This will leave your mirror streak free and shiny.

When cleaning mirrors use circular motions and if the mirror is quite dirty give a dust with a damp cloth before cleaning to avoid scratches.

Keeping your mirror clean and sparkling is simple and easy when you take the time to regularly clean it.