It is never a good thing if your shower screen is having leak problems. This means that the shower screen is not fulfilling its main function, which is to keep shower water away from the rest of your bathroom. Water could then accumulate on the floor or wet the bathroom rugs. This is never a good thing. Moisture on the floor will encourage mould growth, aside from other hygienic-related problems. Increased moisture in the bathroom can also damage any wooden portions of the room.

If there is evidence of water leaks from the shower area, it is important that you check the real cause of the problem. It may be more than a problem with the screen. If the issue is with the water pipes, it is best to contact a plumber to fix the problem.

Minor Problems

There are some leak problems that you can handle on your own. If water is leaking because of small openings between the wall or floor and the shower screen frame, caulking can be applied to take care of the problem. You can choose a silicone sealant to waterproof the area where there is a gap between the screen and the wall or floor.

When Do You Need Replacements?

The leak problem may not be simple and cannot be resolved by applying a sealant. It could be that your bathroom leak problem is due to a gap between the door and the wall. In some cases, it is best to get a replacement for your shower screen. Should you require a replacement for the shower screen door or the entire screen, you can count on our products at Budget Shower Screens. If you decide to upgrade your bathroom altogether, you can choose from any of the product styles we offer. We can install framed, semi-framed, semi-frameless, sliding or bath screens.

Accurate measurements and cuts are important in every shower screen installation. That is our principle at Budget Shower Screens. Accuracy in measurements, cuts and installation help ensure that there are no gaps between the enclosure and the walls. Our quality installations will ensure that your shower screen is functioning according to your expectations.

When replacing the shower enclosure, you may be prompted to upgrade the entire shower room. Just be careful when upgrading the room. Hire a plumber when there is a need to update the shower controls. During the upgrade, check for any other damage that the leaks may have caused. This is the best time to do so in order to avoid more expensive repairs in the future.