In every well-kept home there is usually one storage space that is not as well organised as the rest of the dwelling. Often, that space is the bedroom wardrobe. After all, who else is going to see it but you?

Start with a Plan

Eventually, though, the mess becomes so bad that you can’t find anything, and that’s the time to tidy the wardrobe. It helps to have a plan before starting as it is easy to become overwhelmed and abandon the project. A plan keeps you on track until there is a place for everything with often used items in easy reach.

Cull Everything – Be Ruthless

The first part of the plan is to empty everything out of the wardrobe and divide the contents into items you will keep, things that you won’t wear again but are good enough to donate and things to bin. Before you do anything else, put the rubbish into the bin immediately before you have second thoughts. Remove the items that you intend for donations to another space until you have time to deal with them.

Time to Start Organising

Now you have a clear working space in your bedroom. The next part of the plan is to return all the hanging pieces to the wardrobe, with all pants together, all shirts and tops together, all jackets together and so on. This makes it easy, firstly to see the pieces and secondly to match them together. This should be the end of snatching at something while sliding mismatched pieces back and forth.

At Budget Shower Screens, we do more than just bathrooms. There is nothing like a new wardrobe and inserts to get your bedroom organised and we have the products and the installers to help you do it. We have two, three and four-track systems with a range of finishes including mirrored doors and inserts in vinyl, Laminex and others.

Stock Up on Stackable Bins

Now it’s time to separate foldable items such as tee shirts and other soft pieces into piles of like items, for example, tee shirts together, jumpers together, etcetera. Place these items on shelves so you can see what is in each pile without having to go through it. If there is no shelving, discount shops have stackable, see-through bins, which are great for this purpose.

The Final Tidy-up

Do the same with socks and underwear, and for awkward items such as belts and scarves; use door hooks or other storage solutions that utilise the internal walls to save space. Pack out of season clothes into containers and store them at the top out of the way. Finally, put shoes in the bottom on a shoe rack, and your wardrobe is organised.