There is nothing quite like glass to add a touch of elegance to any interior decorating style. Light bounces off it, making small rooms look bigger, illuminating dark corners and complementing room styling accessories such as art work, vases and wall hangings. In a domestic situation, glass is popular on wardrobe doors, as shower and bath screens, mirrors and on linen and other cupboards such as those in a home office or laundry.

Glass a Favourite of Interior Stylists

If you are building a new home, or refurbishing your existing dwelling, no doubt you would be considering using glass as much as you can, given that it is favoured by interior stylists for its looks and practicality. Of course, cost is always a factor, so the budget-conscious among you may be thinking that glass is too expensive to be considered.

We would like to challenge that thinking, especially if you are in the market for doors for your shower, wardrobes or linen cupboard. At Budget Shower Screens, we work with glass all the time, installing mirrors, glass shower screens and shower doors, as well as wardrobe and cupboard doors for our clients through the Greater Brisbane area.

Discerning Clients Choose Glass for their Doors

When we quote for clients, we offer them alternative prices on materials other than glass for their doors so they can make an informed choice. Sometimes they choose vinyl, Laminex or other materials, but this is not usually a price-driven choice. Most times, they are trying to match existing furnishings or colour schemes.

Efficient Installers Equal Lower Costs

In the majority of cases they choose glass, and prefer that we do the installation. They value our experience and realise that our installers are proficient in the correct techniques needed to handle glass safely. Just like many other hazards around our homes, glass when broken can be dangerous to the personal safety of everyone in the immediate area and it is best left to experts.

Save Time and Money by Using Experts

As everyone in business knows, time is money. Travel time and the time it takes to do the work are the major drivers of the installation costs of both glass and other materials, so there is little difference between the two. Our installers have done these jobs hundreds of times and use every tip and technique they know to save time and money.

Money Spent on Glass Doors Increases Overall Property Value

Glass doors add value to every home, so any concerns about cost should be balanced against the increased value of your property, and the compliments you will receive from envious friends and family. We are happy to provide a quote for the supply and installation of glass doors for your project, and we think you will be pleasantly surprised at the cost.