There is nothing like a shabby, worn-out bathroom or powder room to spoil the overall ambiance of an otherwise well-kept household. These rooms are in constant daily use and the fixtures, fittings and even the paintwork will inevitably show this wear and tear. Also, the changing styles of décor and colour palettes can make the functional parts of these rooms out of sync with the rest of the property.

Delay a complete renovation with a mini makeover

Completely gutting the whole room and starting from scratch is one certain way of rectifying the problem but is often beyond the budget of the average homeowner. However, with a much smaller budget and some clever decorating tricks, it is possible to achieve a facelift that will delay a complete renovation for quite a few years and create a sensational room in the process.

We can attest to the success of this type of mini makeover. At Budget Shower Screens we measure, supply and install all types of shower screens. Some of our clients are building new homes, others are doing full restorations, and some a partial makeover. The new homes and full restorations offer the best opportunity to include a powder room, which we see in the more upmarket properties.

Out with the old and spruce up the new

The best place to start for a budget makeover is to remove the old fittings such as the taps, towel rails, toilet roll holders, mirrors, shower screen and the vanity basin. Often, the tiles are still in good condition, although the grouting may be discoloured and even mouldy. This can be remedied by either re-grouting or simply applying a specialist grout cleaner.

Spray paint covers a multitude of sins

Keeping the existing tiles and bath saves money and both can be made to look like new by having them professionally sprayed. If the walls and ceiling need repainting, incorporate this task also. Once this is done, we come in and install a shiny new shower screen, completely updating this part of the room.

Update** tapware** and other fixtures

Everything is now ready for the new tapware and other fixtures, including a modern and stylish new vanity unit. We also supply and install mirrors, so this is the finishing touch for us as we fix the sparkling new mirror to the wall above the vanity unit. If the room is small, choosing a unit on legs or attached directly to the wall will create an illusion of space.

Let there be light

Another quick fix to increase the amount of natural light is to install a small skylight or solar tube if the budget will allow. Now the householder is free to add modern accessories in contemporary colours to complete the room.