Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in a house. If you want a pleasant house, the bathroom has to be designed well. Beautiful bathroom designs are often equated to high costs. If you have the money for renovations, then there would be no problem hiring a professional bathroom designer to come in and help you make a great design. But if you are doing a DIY approach to a bathroom renovation, there are some important pointers you will have to consider.

Design and Layout

Many people want more space into their bathrooms. If you can afford to, you can claim space from an adjacent room to build the bathroom you want. But size does not always matter. If you do not have the space to play around with, you only need to come up with an attractive and functional design.

Always work with a theme, an organised design and plan. Avoid doing things on a whim, such as adding one piece at a time and not even thinking if the pieces match at all. Look for good design ideas that will suit your bathroom, but make sure your design is well integrated. You also have to consider the users of the bathroom when creating the design.

If you are doing a DIY renovation, remember that you will still need help from licensed professionals to install or fix plumbing pipes and electrical wiring.

Bathroom Essentials

Avoid putting in too much of everything or you might end up with a cluttered place. A bigger bathroom will give you enough space to install beautiful vanity cabinets. If you are working with a smaller space, put in the essentials and work on styling those.

Choose items well. You might want to play it safe with colours. Picking tones in the neutral range will help keep your bathroom not looking out-dated in a few years. It is better to match the colours of the cabinets, floors and walls to give a harmonised look.

Incorporate modern items into the bathroom. For instance, you can add a rain shower, which is becoming trendy nowadays. Even if you have a not-so-spacious bathroom, you can improve it with a great looking vanity cabinet under the sink. This is essential for keeping the room clean and organised.

All-Important Shower Screens

It will do you good to do away with a shower curtain altogether. Switch to shower screens for a more modern look. You can choose from semi-framed, semi-frameless and sliding types. Glass shower screens can be used to make a separate unit for the shower area or it can be installed from wall to wall or on top of the bathtub. It will surely fit in with any type of design theme you choose for your bathroom.

Shower screens are very efficient in keeping the water strictly inside the shower area. Glass panel shower screens are also very easy to clean and maintain.