Whether you are a homeowner or a renter, most of us do our best to create a relaxing and refreshing environment around us for ourselves and our family to enjoy. The current trend is to have a couple of practical furniture items in each living space, then dress them up with pieces like occasional tables, single chairs and accessories. These can range from expensive to something for the budget conscious, but whatever the cost, they combine to create an ambiance unique to every dwelling.

Mirrors – A Fashion Staple

One item that has been around for centuries and is never out of fashion is the ever practical and versatile mirror. From huge, ornate pieces adorning the walls of European palaces and stately homes to the shaving/make-up mirrors in every bathroom, a well-placed mirror is not only useful but also a major decorator piece that can define the surrounding space.

Shape is Important – Short or Tall?

When choosing a mirror, the actual shape is important. It can create an illusion or a certain mood or feeling, so if you are looking for a mirror to liven up a dull space, consider the shape. A long, horizontal mirror guides the eye along it, accentuating width, while a tall vertical mirror makes the eye look up and draw attention to height. The right mirror will make a room appear larger than it is.

Tidy or Funny?

People who like a place for everything and everything in its place will find an angular shape creates a neat, methodical, well-kept look. To bring out a whimsical vibe or to soften a harsh space, go for a mirror in a curved or rounded frame. If you want a specific shape but can’t find a mirror that suits, try grouping several mirrors together to create the look you had in mind.

Even bathrooms can respond to the thoughtful placement of a mirror or two. At Budget Shower Screens we do more than install screens. We have a range of powder coated or anodised bathroom mirrors in framed, semi-framed and polished edge frameless styles, ready for us to install.

Decisions First

When you choose a mirror, decide first if you want it to be the focal point of the room, or an accent piece. If a focal point is your goal, it must be large enough to stand out and for extra effect, choose an eye-catching frame. A smaller, frameless mirror is suitable for an accent piece, placed so it catches the light or reflects an interesting item. Follow these guidelines for a perfect result.