There is a timeless elegance that only glass, in all its forms, can bring to life. From huge picture windows drawing high-rise office workers to stunning city vistas, right down to beautifully crafted glassware gracing the tables of the finest restaurants; indeed, glass sets the scene.


The Glass Transformation


It isn’t at all surprising then, that glass is transforming bathrooms all over the country. The humble shower curtain is outdated by the clean, open look of a frameless shower screen. The former hides everything from view and constricts the space, while the latter shows off the tiles and shining tap wear, and by exposing the area, makes the whole room look bigger.


Add Value to Your Dwelling


Bathroom designers know that clients want the latest in styles and materials, so when they plan modern, chic bathrooms for discerning clients, frameless shower screens are at the top of their list. A bathroom renovation that includes a frameless shower screen has also been proven to increase the value of the dwelling. This is just one of the reasons why they are so popular with property owners.


This trend shows no signs of abating. Much of our work here at Budget Shower Screens is centred on the supply and installation of ultra-modern shower screens that add elegance to any shower space, including those over a bath. Those that need a frame due to building constraints come with a slimline perimeter framing that still creates an open, uncluttered look.


Toughened Glass Keeps Occupants Safe


There are other advantages to having a frameless shower screen in your bathroom. One is that they are made of toughened safety glass, so they are safe for use by seniors and young children. Another is that they are easy to clean, and resistant to soap scum and drip marks. Of course, cleaning is still necessary, but it is not the chore it once was, as there are no large frames to trap soap and create mildew.


The Illusion of Space


In small spaces, and spaces that lack light, frameless screens allow what light there is to reflect around the room, illuminating all corners and creating the illusion of space. We have installed screens in smaller bathrooms and it is surprising the difference they make to the amount of light available, and to the space.


Add a Window or Skylight to Double the Effect


We have also seen bathrooms where a window or a skylight has been added during the renovation, and although the room is physically no bigger, the frameless shower screens assist this extra light to brighten the entire area. When you are ready to turn your old style cramped, damp and mouldy bathroom into a thing of beauty, give us a call.