We have all experienced the frustration of stepping out of a hot shower to use the bathroom mirror to complete our daily grooming routine, only to be confronted with a mirror so totally fogged up that we need to wipe it over before we can see our reflection. Who has time for that at the beginning of a busy day and what can we do to prevent it?

Choose your Solution – Quick and Cheap or Spend some Cash

The good news is that there are solutions, some of them quick and inexpensive and other more permanent solutions that involve cost and trade work. The latter involves installing extractor fans and anti-fog mirrors which are wired into the electrics in the bathroom, but the former are simple things everyone can do that will make life just a little easier.

Here at Budget Shower Screens we are all about making life easier for our clients, especially those who have limited budgets but want a bathroom that they can be proud of. We measure, supply and install shower screens and mirrors to suit every style. Whether you are building a new home or refurbishing an existing bathroom, our dedicated team of experienced installers will give you the bathroom you have dreamt about.

A Quick Lesson on Condensation

To keep your bathroom mirrors clear, shiny and ready for immediate use we have a couple of suggestions that will solve the fogging problems. As you would know, fogging is caused by condensation, which happens when moisture mixes with air to form water vapour. When this water vapour touches cooler surfaces such as mirrors, it forms tiny droplets.

Simple Solutions for Mirrors

First, clean the mirror so you are starting with a pristine surface. Then, wipe it over with glycerine then buff with a dry cloth. If you don’t have glycerine on hand, try a very thin film of shaving cream and polish it clear with a dry cloth. Dishwashing detergent direct from the bottle gives the same result provided you keep rubbing until the mirror is clear.

Shower Screens Next

As far as your shower screens are concerned, again it is vital that you first have cleaned them of all built up scale and soap scum. Wipe the screen over with a few droplets of almond oil. Not only will it keep the soap scum at bay, but it will also reduce the amount of condensation that gathers on the screen while you are showering.

If this sounds all too hard, head down to your local hardware store and look over the range of ready-to-use products that are made specifically for keeping the fog out of your bathroom.