A bedroom tends to get messy if personal items like clothes and shoes are just left lying around. A fitted wardrobe will help give your bedroom an uncluttered look. You can allocate one portion of your bedroom or an entire width of your bedroom for a fitted wardrobe.

Organise Your Personal Items

A fitted wardrobe is not just a decorating feature in your bedroom. It also serves an essential function – as a storage space for clothes, shoes and other personal belongings. A fitted wardrobe from Budget Shower Screens can be custom-made to fit the décor of your bedroom and your personal style and taste.

A fitted wardrobe stands from the floor of your bedroom up to the ceiling. Your entire fitted wardrobe can be organised to allow you to get a hold of any personal item you need very easily. The top portions of your fitted wardrobe can be used to store items that you do not always use. These things include winter clothes, bed sheets, extra pillows, pillow cases and extra comforters. The middle portion can be used to hang your clothes. Your fitted wardrobe can have sections where you can store your T-shirts, underwear and accessories. Shoes can be placed on the floor of the wardrobe or a shoe holder.

You will easily find things in a well-organised wardrobe. For example, sorting your clothes whether by colour, by style or by occasion will make it easier for you to decide which clothes to wear for the day and allow you to begin the day on the right foot. In contrast, a messy bedroom with clothes strewn everywhere will make you avoid it when it should be a sanctuary at the end of the day.

Give Your Bedroom a Fitted Wardrobe Now

Installing the best wardrobes is the best thing you can do to give your bedroom the perfect style and atmosphere. Budget Shower Screens can help you install a custom-built fitted wardrobe in your home. You can choose between a frame and a semi frameless wardrobe. Both can be fitted with two, three or four track systems. The wardrobes can be installed in the bedroom, linen cupboards, laundry room, study room and offices.

For framed wardrobes, you can choose from an extensive range of insert options, including Gyproc, vinyl, mirror, white glass, MDF and Laminex. The finish can either be a powder coat or anodised finishes. Semi-framed wardrobes feature a slimline frame that shows polished edges of mirrors or glass, resulting in an elegant and stylish finish. Bright silver and matt silver frames, and mirror and coloured glass inserts are available.