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Most of us know that glass is a man-made product. It is created using a combination of silica and other chemical compounds. Depending on the type of glass you are intending to create, the ratio of silica to whichever compound is required will vary.

By this we mean if you wanted to make Pyrex you would use different compounds to that of say lead crystal or shower glass.

All glass is liquid first before it sets to become hard. When it sets it will still have microscopic pores that, over time, absorb any soap scum or harsh cleaning fluids that are applied to it. Even treated water can leave a permanent mark.

You may have experienced a case where it does not matter how much you clean there is still a milky mark that will just not come out.

Chemical Cleaning vs Environmentally Safe Products

With the introduction of convenience cleaners we became acclimatised to the likes of ammonia, bleach, and chlorine to clean out homes and remove all traces of dirt and bacteria.

These cleaners, whilst perhaps saving us time cleaning, have since proved to be toxic not only to the waterways and environment but also to ourselves.

Our bodies inhale these products through our lungs and even the skin on our hands, thus creating all sorts of knock effects in our delicate systems.

They also are the culprits responsible for the white milky marks you see on your screen called chemical burn.

A fast, easy, safe way to prevent soap scum building up on your glass is to have a squeegee, microfibre cloth or a chamois in the shower to give the glass a quick wipe over when the last shower of the morning and evening has been completed.

This will obviously remove the bulk of the problem by preventing the water from sitting and drying on the glass.

If you have a build-up of soap scum you could try applying vinegar (not petroleum based white vinegar), lemon or orange oil.

If there is rust on the metal fixings a mixture of lemon juice and salt applied and left to sit before scrubbing off will get those rust spots off in a jiffy!