If you are contemplating getting a new bathroom, but have some budget restrictions limiting your choices, you may be struggling to decide which is most important—beauty or functionality. Well, the good news is that if you get the right supplier and plan your project, you can have both.

Have a Plan and Stick to It

Planning first, before making any commitment to style or materials, is the secret to getting the most value for the money you have to spend. After all, there is not much point in spending a small fortune on the most beautiful bathroom in your neighbourhood if it doesn’t satisfy all the practical needs of the household.

Spend Time Getting Ideas and Prices

Visit display centres and websites to get design ideas. Price the materials and be prepared to reject those absolutely divine imported tiles and the expensive mirror that takes up the whole wall, for something that will look just as appealing but at half the cost.

We help our clients create beautiful bathrooms by offering shower screens that suit all applications, and are as practical as they are stylish. At Budget Shower Screens, we have a range of low-cost, do-it-yourself screens right up to our fully installed products that are semi-framed, semi-frameless and fully framed to suit your needs. We also have a large range of powder-coated or anodised framed and frameless mirrors that are the perfect accessory.

A Bathroom Needs to be Practical as well as Attractive

The layout and fittings in your bathroom must suit the major purpose. If you lose sight of that, you will quickly use up your budget on materials and fittings that are impractical. Most people realise this when they clean for the first time. Fancy, ornate handles, for example, may look elegant, but they are also wonderful dust collectors. That dust, combined with the moisture generated with each use of the bath or shower becomes grime, and unless you are prepared to clean such minute areas every day, your new bathroom will soon lose its pristine shine.

Budget Does Not Mean Ordinary

There are many attractive, budget to mid-range fittings such as tapware, baths and basins, and waterproofing products like tiles and patterned sheeting now available. Our people have installed our shower screens in the most stylish bathrooms anyone could wish for, all of them smart and contemporary, with value-added appeal.

We are not suggesting that you skimp on style and end up with a bathroom that looks ordinary. What we are suggesting is that you stick to a budget and a plan; then find suppliers with prices you can afford. You will have a beautiful, functional bathroom and our shower screens will meet your budget.