Regardless of how thorough you are when you clean your bathroom, eventually, it will start to look a little shabby. It is also one of those areas in the house that require regular maintenance, mainly because the surfaces are constantly exposed to heat and steam. Shampoo and soap residue, as well as the oils and hair from our bodies, can also block the drains leading from the bath and shower.

Some Bathroom Maintenance Tasks are Easy for a Do-it-Yourself Enthusiast

Getting in professional cleaners or a plumber when necessary are certainly popular options but they can be costly. For those with a do-it-yourself attitude to home maintenance, many bathroom tasks are not difficult with a little bit of know-how. A blocked drain, for example, is more convenient to fix yourself rather than wait for a plumber.

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Install a New Showerhead for Increased Water Efficiency

There are a few other easy bathroom fixes that would suit the DIY enthusiast. The showerhead is a good place to start. While they do last for years, older ones look dated and are not as water-saving as the newer showerheads. This is a simple task if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Try Your Hand at Replacing a Washer

To fix a leaking tap, first turn off the water supply. Now turn the tap fully on and plug the drain so you don’t lose any small parts. Remove the headgear using an adjustable wrench, then lever off the old washer then replace the body washer and spindle O-ring.

Drain Blocked with Hair? Get Out the Plunger

Wrap a cloth around the overflow, then put the plunger cup over the opening and fill the sink with enough water to cover the cup. Push the plunger up and down vigorously to create enough suction to remove the blockage.

Clearing a Blocked Toilet is not as Yukky as it Sounds

In an emergency, a plunger might do the trick. Put it over the drain opening so that it seals completely; plunge with force 10 or 12 times then yank it out with force and repeat this a few times. If that doesn’t work, a plumber is the next best option.

Does your Sink have a Stopper?

If the stopper isn’t holding the water in the sink, pull it out and check for debris. Wash the stopper and check the rubber seal. If it is dry or cracked, replace it.

However, if this all seems too hard and you just want a brand-new bathroom, give us a call and leave everything in our hands.