If your shower recess is currently sporting a shower curtain, it might be time to think about updating it. There are many good reasons why a shower screen is much better than a shower curtain, and being in touch with modern times is one of them. All jokes aside, this article will take a look at why adding a shower screen to your bathroom can add value to your home and safety for your family.

Reasons to Rid your Shower of its Curtain

To begin with, shower curtains do not seal the shower recess off. This means that when the water is running there is every chance that too much water will fall onto the floor outside of the shower. Aside from the annoying factor of having a bathroom floor that is wetter than when you mop it, this can pose a slippery danger, particularly where young children and elderly people are involved. Bath mats can only soak up so much water.

Whilst your shower curtain is letting water escape the recess, it is also probably getting under your feet and making a nuisance of itself. Shower curtains that get caught up under your feet can pose a danger, and if there is any breeze in the bathroom, the curtain is likely to flap around getting in your way and trying to tangle itself in your legs.

When curtains are blowing around getting tangled up and possibly stood on, they are more susceptible to being torn from the shower rings or anywhere else and will then need replacing. If they are not torn and replaced in a short amount of time they will eventually become mouldy and difficult to clean, so the easiest option is usually to replace them. After a while this can become costly and time consuming.

We also know a lot more about our health and the items we keep in our environment these days and many know that plastic is not good for us. Shower curtains are usually made of PVC or other plastics and these can be harmful to our health as they contain toxic additives. This, above any other reason, is a good argument to get rid of the shower curtains.

Every Reason to Add a Shower Screen

Shower screens add value to any home for their stylish and modern looks. They can easily be custom made to fit any kind of shower or bathtub and won’t make the room appear smaller or cut off as is the case of a shower curtain. A shower screen can actually make the room feel more spacious.

A shower screen provides watertight protection and won’t allow water to escape the recess. This means sopping wet floors and risks of slips and falls for the elderly or young children is not an issue.

Cleaning is no longer a drama with shower screens as some simple maintenance and regular cleaning with the right products will mean your screen is sparkling clean all the time. You won’t have to worry about replacing mouldy curtains or looking at unsightly build up.

You can find out more information by searching online for shower screens in your area and make the call to upgrade your bathroom to something more modern.