Shower screens can enhance the appearance of your bathroom and also protect the walls and floors of your bathroom from possible water damage. There is a wide variety of bath shower screens in retail stores and online. Shower screens normally come in various styles, sizes,shapes and materials. The process of choosing the right shower screen for your bathroom can be easy. Take into account the design, material and opening mechanism of the shower screen, along with the size of your bathroom and your own preference.

Door Space

The size of the shower and the available space surrounding the enclosure must be taken into consideration because they will affect the type of door for the shower screen. The ideal shower screen for bathrooms with sufficient door space is one with pivot doors that can be opened in two directions. If bathroom space is limited, a shower screen with unobtrusive sliding doors is perfect. Small bathrooms can also have a bi-fold shower door, which is suitable for bathrooms that do not have ample space for an outward-opening door.

Bathroom Size

The right shower screen for smaller bathrooms is one with a clear glass. The glass offers a minimalist appearance and does not make the bathroom look smaller. A frameless shower screen is ideal for small bathrooms because there are no huge attachments to highlight the limited space. For big bathrooms, a shower screen with frosted or tinted glass panes is right because it will not affect the proportion of the room.

Level of Privacy Required

Shower screens with clear glass obviously provide the least amount of privacy. In contrast, frosted or tinted glass slightly blocks the person inside the shower from an outside view.

The level of privacy is a major consideration especially if it is a shared bathroom. With clear glass enclosures, other people who may need to use the sink or toilet cannot do so while there is a person using the shower. With frosted glass panels, people can freely use other bathroom facilities while another person is showering.

Ease of Maintenance

You should also be aware of the level of maintenance that each type of shower screen requires. Compared with frosted-type shower screens, cleaning clear glass screens is easier. In addition, soap scum on frosted-types may be more evident than on clear glass. Frameless shower screens are the right choice in terms of maintenance because there are no tiny areas where soap and dirt can build up.

If you find choosing a shower screen daunting, it is best to ask recommendations from shower screen suppliers. These are experts who will help you find and choose the perfect shower screen for your bathroom.