The bathroom is a place where you can luxuriate and pamper yourself after a gruelling day at work. This oasis should be more than functional; it should also be beautiful. A beautiful bathroom invites you to relax, unwind and spend some precious me-time for a few minutes.

An elegant glass shower screen is one item to consider when updating the look of your bathroom. Aside from its aesthetic function, a glass shower screen protects bathroom walls and floors from water splashes. Compared with shower curtains, glass shower screens can easily be cleaned. Simply wipe away the water off the screen once you have finished taking a shower. In addition, glass shower screens are more hygienic than plastic shower curtains, which have the tendency to develop moulds because of being constantly wet.

Budget Shower Screens offers a range of stylish shower screens. Customers can choose from the following: 600 Series Semi Framed, 300 Semi Framed, 200 Series Sliding and 100 Series Bath Screens.

The 600 Series Semi Framed

This series of shower screens is a step above the basic fully framed screen. It features a pivot door; knob style handle fastened through the glass; and polished vertical glass edges on the door and inline panel. Powder coat or anodised finishes, and clear or frosted reinforced safety glass are available. The 600 Series Semi Framed shower screens are ideal for placing over baths; front only between walls; 90 degree corner units; and truncated corner units.

300 Series Semi Frameless

This series exudes a sophisticated look without the high price of frameless glass bath screens. It comprises a pivot door and slimline frame surrounding the perimeter of the shower screen only. Like the 300 series, the series is available in powder coat or anodised finishes, and clear or frosted, reinforced safety glass and can be usedĀ over baths, front only between walls; 90 degree corner units; and truncated corner units.

200 Series Sliding

The bath screens under this series feature stainless steel ball bearing rollers, and strong, durable nylon glides. Customers can choose either a two door or a two door and one fixed panel. This series is offered in powder coat or anodised finishes, and clear or frosted, laminated safety glass. The 200 series sliding bath screens are perfect for over baths, front only between walls, 90 degree corner units and truncated units.

100 Series Bath Screens

Bath screens under the 100 Series have fixed panels, fixed panels with hinged doors, single hinged panel and dual hinged panels. There is a choice of clear or frosted reinforced glass, and powder coat or anodised finishes. The 100 series can either be framed, semi-framed or frameless. They are suitable for over baths, and open, walk-in showers.