The shower is one of the hardest working areas in the average household. Every day it is splashed with soap, shampoo and other products that contain the chemicals we use to clean ourselves. Dust, dirt and other outside contaminants slough off our skin as we wash, and combined with hard water, this builds up on the shower screen, leaving an ugly film.

Timing is Everything

The best time to start a proper cleaning regime for your shower screens is when they are newly installed. The glass is pristine, and when Budget Shower Screens does the installation, we leave your new screens spotless, inside and out. Keeping them like this is not difficult with a little regular attention.

Quick Daily Wipe Over Keeps the Shine Sparkling

With a brand new shower screen, the easiest way to keep that pristine look is to remove the water droplets after each use. A quick wipe over with a chamois or a squeegee after every shower might sound like a chore but it adds less than a minute to your usual routine. It is much more preferable than the effort cleaning takes when the glass
is left covered in soap scum for several weeks.

Shield Treatments Available for New Screens

There are also products available that can be applied to clean glass that shield it from the damage water droplets can do. These are best applied during the installation of new glass and we have information for any interested clients. While this adds to the original cost of the work, it offers the best protection.

Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions for Cleaners

Despite the best of intentions, things do happen that push household cleaning down the list of life’s priorities. When it’s time to get serious about removing the milky film clinging to your shower glass, there are a number of solutions on offer. The various cleaners made specifically for shower screens work well as long as the manufacturer’s instructions are followed. However, for the budget conscious there is an inexpensive solution.

Despite your best efforts, an old shower screen may be beyond redemption. Replacing it with a smooth and shiny new one will increase the value of your property and give the whole bathroom a lift. When the time comes, give us a call at Budget Shower Screens.