We all spend many hours in our bathrooms each day, most of these moments are nondescript hygiene practices. Showering, bathing, brushing your teeth and shaving are just some of the common bathroom activities.

Often we leave the bathroom without a second thought, but other times injuries can happen. Sometimes these are small and other times they can result in a great deal of pain.

At Budget Shower Screens we can guarantee that our shower screens are high quality and safe but we can’t guarantee your safety in your bathroom if you are not aware of the risks. Please keep reading to learn about common bathroom injuries and ways you can prevent them.

Injuries in the elderly

The elderly find it far harder to balance than those belonging to younger generations. Add wet floors and surfaces to this mix and it’s a recipe for disaster. One step wrong and an elderly person losing their balance can be a disaster.

Bones are easily broken in the elderly and in some cases they have been stranded on cold floors undiscovered for hours. The best way to prevent falls in the elderly is to ensure there are non-slip mats in showers and bathtubs and appropriate shower stools if possible.

Anti-slip bathmats are also a great idea with safety handles in the usual spots such as shower stalls and next to toilets. Taps or anything that sticks out can also prove harmful as the skin on elderly people is quite delicate and can easily be cut and bleed.

Injuries in adults

Slips and falls can still happen with young adults although they are not as common or as serious. Again, safety grip bars can be helpful for those who aren’t sure footed. Care should be taken with wet floors as always.

Injuries in children

Children are never as aware of the potential dangers around them and when it comes to bathrooms, there are always more for kids. Slippery floors, bathtubs full of water, taps to bump heads on and more are just a few of the risks to young ones.

Once again, anti-slip mats are great; however, adults should be mindful never to leave their young children unattended in bathrooms during bath times.

Everyone needs to exercise some safety in the bathroom and everyone should have durable toughened safety glass for their screens. Contact our team at Budget Shower Screens today to make your shower safer with our safe and durable glass doors.