We all know that keeping our shower screens clean and sparkling lifts the appearance of the entire bathroom. However, keeping them that way requires regular effort, the best cleaning techniques and a basic understanding of the properties of glass.

Simple Solutions Get the Job Done

A quick internet search will find many different methods to clean shower screens, but it is often the simple and inexpensive solutions that are the best. A simple five-step process that gets soap scum off shower screens involves bi-carbonate of soda, white vinegar and microfibre cloths, both general purpose and glass cloths.

Create a Fizz with Bi-Carb and White Vinegar

First, dampen the general-purpose cloth, and then spray white vinegar directly onto one area of the glass screen. Next, dip the dampened cloth into a small amount of bi-carbonate of soda and apply it directly to the white vinegar while rubbing in a circular motion. The soda will fizz up so keep rubbing until this effect stops. Now move to another spot and repeat the process.

Finish Off with a Glass Microfibre Cloth

Next, rinse the shower screen and the cloth with clean, warm water. Partly dry the screen with the same cloth, then completely dry it off with a glass microfibre cloth. Now that your shower screens are spotless, keep soap scum from building up again by rinsing and wiping them down after each use with a squeegee or a microfibre cloth. This only takes a minute and it will keep your screens clean.

Minerals in Hard Water plus Soap Scum Equals Dirty Screens

The best screen to keep clean is obviously a new one, but you may be living in a property where the shower screens need more attention than a general clean. Many of us live in an area where the water supply contains more dense minerals than usual. When combined with soap scum, these minerals build up over time and coat the glass screens. In its early stages, this build up usually does not damage the glass itself, so it can be cleaned off.

However, under certain conditions the mineral deposits start to eat away at the glass, leaving a pitted surface that can be cleaned off. A bad build up may require several attempts to remove it, but if cleaning makes no difference, this is more than a mineral build up as the glass surface is most likely etched.

Install New Screens and Avoid the Hard Work

Although this can be rectified, the most effective solution is to replace the glass shower screen with a new one. This is a simple task for our experienced people at Budget Shower Screens. Our screens are made to measure from toughened safety glass, so instead of unsuccessfully working hard to clean a bad build up, let us install a sparkling, new screen that will look great for years to come.