How many times have you gone to your wardrobe to dress for a special occasion, only to moan about not having a thing to wear? Most of us have the same problem. Our wardrobes are jammed with clothing, shoes, belts, scarves and other accessories and we are all far too busy to get them in order.

Poor Wardrobe Storage Inefficient and Costly

Wouldn’t it be easier to set aside an hour or two and get your wardrobe organised, than struggle with this problem every time a change of clothes was needed? We tend to pull out the same things to wear because we can’t find the rest quickly. This is inefficient in terms of time and a waste of money because we have paid for items we rarely wear.

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Start with a Good Clean Out

We have learnt a few tricks that may be useful to anyone struggling with insufficient wardrobe space. The first one is often the hardest for some people, but it makes the final task easier. Give your wardrobe a good clean out. Divide everything into piles for keeping, donating, selling and throwing in the bin. This reduces the volume and will motivate you to keep going.

Evaluate the Available Space

Now look at your cupboard space. Keep three-quarters of the hanging space for half-height things like shirts, blouses, trousers and skirts, and one-quarter for full length items like dresses and coats. Shelving or drawers will accommodate folded clothing such as jerseys and use any leftover space for underwear and other small items. If your wardrobe has a top shelf, place seasonal items in plastic tubs up there out of the way ready for the next use.

Spend Some Money on Good Quality Accessories

Buy good quality hangers and other storage items like bins to keep your valuable clothing in shape. Don’t waste the space on the back of the doors. Install hooks to hang up belts, ties and scarves. Inexpensive clear plastic bins on the bottom of the wardrobe will keep hats and shoes clean and dust free.

Bedroom Wardrobes are for Clothing

Finally, we recommend that if you are storing items other than clothing in your wardrobe, find somewhere else for them. The vacuum cleaner, boxes of mementos and your old tennis racket belong somewhere else. This is your space for your clothing, so clear out other items.